3 Ways to Make Your IoT Project Successful

By John Radtke

3 Ways to Make Your IoT Project Successful

All projects take a lot of time, need patience, proper leadership, and collaboration. Any technical project needs all of these and more. IoT projects depend on customer support, IT, Sales, Marketing, design teams, engineers to make your project a success.

Here are the three main reasons behind successful IoT projects:

  1. 54% of businesses say that the reason behind their projects’ success was the collaboration between IT and the business side. It takes everyone on board to make a successful project come to market. If your engineering team has developed a great product, it still needs support from sales, marketing, business development to make the product a success. Collaboration is always the key to success in any project. As a team, you need to communicate to every level when introducing a new product to get insight from others. It helps you make sure you haven’t missed any potential issues or give you ideas on making the product better.
  2. 49% of business leaders agree that a technology-focused culture contributes to an IoT project’s success. Companies that don’t have a culture that focuses on technology will struggle to meet project deadlines—the reason why is because your not in an environment where technology is valued. In a technology-focused culture, collaboration, creativity, and innovation create inspiration to advance your IoT projects successfully. If you have a culture that doesn’t support innovation and inspiration, look to your leaders to let them know it has to change.
  3. 48% of them also list IoT expertise as a significant factor in their success on the Internet of Things market. It comes down to hiring the right people. Hiring smart, innovative, inspirational people makes the company culture a great place to work. Having a great place to work attracts the best talent. Having the best talent creates expertise in success in the IoT market. When you’re hiring potential employees, take the extra time to learn about the candidate to make sure they fit your culture. Ensure you have the right people with the expertise to be a leader in the IoT market.

These are only a few of the reasons why an IoT project is successful. Other reasons will fit your organization. Competition in the IoT industry is growing every day. If you don’t have collaboration, culture, and the expertise to develop a successful project. Take time to look at your company and be honest if you have what it takes. Otherwise, you’ll be why 75% of business-related IoT projects are failing.


John is the sales/marketing manager at Cygnus and has over twenty years of customer service experience. John is passionate about helping businesses give a superior customer experience.

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