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Becoming A Customer Support Hero In a IoT World

31 March 2021

What you can do is give customers a great experience. That’s very important in this ever changing world of IoT technology. How do you become a customer support hero? Here are some ways to look at and adapt with your customer support representatives.

How to deal with the negative customer experience and technology

22 February 2021

There are things that are for certain in this world. Death, taxes, and bad customer reviews. How your company overcomes negative customer experiences is the difference between a profitable business and a business losing money to overcome the negative customer experience.

Creating a Customer-Centric Support Team

04 February 2021

What does it mean for your business to be customer-centric? Most businesses think it’s about giving your customers great customer service. That’s true. You should also be giving your customers great customer service all the time, every time you engage with your customer.